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So, how do you make things interactive?  How do you keep your kiddos engaged?   I've found that variety always helps in a classroom, because all kids are different, and different things keep students on task.

I've created a year-long math product that hits most of our first grade standards, and also uses different ways to keep the kids engaged.

If you are a "loner" and like to do things on your own during centers, then my interactive powerpoints are just the thing!  If you like to play games and are a bit competitive, then my game version is the way to go.  If you like to be with others, but you don't really want the competitive aspect, then my task-card version might suit you just fine!

If you are at your "wits end" for setting up center activities... check out my interactive powerpoints. These powerpoints can be displayed on your Activboard, and students can rotate through as one of their centers.  All you do is press play and the center is ready to go!  If you don't mind a bit of set up on the back end, then you might want to check out my task card/game version as well.  It will surely be a hit during center time!

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Right now I am growing this bundle, so if you like what you see, you might want to purchase the growing bundle to get the best price!

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