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It's all about the GAME!

So, seriously... do you want to find the most addictive game to play in your classroom, that has the kiddos learning the entire time?  If so, you seriously might want to try out my Spot that Word games.  Ya'll - I've never seen anything like it!!  All of the first graders absolutely LOVE playing this game!

How do you play?

  • Put the deck of cards in the middle (face down)
  • Each kid picks one card 
  • Turn the top card in the middle over
  • Each kid tries to find their one word match with the middle card (the coolest thing ever... each card has ONE match with every other card)
  • The player who says their match first takes the middle card and their card and puts it to the side.
  • That player takes another card (the other players keep their card)
  • Flip the middle card and do it again.
  • When the deck is gone - players count to see how many cards they accumulated
  • That player wins
  • Shake hands
  • Play again!

What comes in the deck?

  • There are 55 cards in the deck (but... dun dun dun... even if you (the kiddos) lose one, the game can still be played... I know, right???
  • There are two different decks in each set (one A set and one B set)
  • You can actually split up the deck and just play with any amount of cards - the game still works!

Here's a SAMPLE for you to print and play!  Let me know if you like it!!
Image Map


Image Map

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