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BOOM Cards

Are you ready to GO DIGITAL but not sure where to start?  Well, I can tell you that if you are ready, you really need to try Boom Learning!  It does all the work for you. 


1.  Create an account (if you use this free product, you can get a free account for a year.  This offer ends NOVEMBER 30, 2017.)  With this account, you can have up to 80 students.  GRAB THE FREEBIE HERE TO GET STARTED!
2.  Create your class
3.  Assign decks to the whole class or individuals
4.  Watch the magic HAPPEN!

Here's a message from someone who is using Boom Cards in her class:

"So first thing this morning, my whole class was working on their boom cards and I had my data up on my board. Both of my admins walked in and their mouths dropped open as they saw what my babies were doing and what I was able to see on my account. We LOVE boom cards! Thank you for sharing!"

Doesn't that just make your heart happy?!?!  She teaches Kindergarten and has a class set of iPads in her classroom.

Here's how to get started:

How to login to get your Basic Membership: (Valued at $9)

  1. It will say “Welcome TPT customer - to redeem your product…
    1. Create an account (sign in with Google)
    2. It will bring you to another screen that says Account has been created
    3. Click on the Studio Icon
  1. Edit Profile
  2. Account Information
  3. Confirm Email Address
    1. Make sure we click on the long link - it will actually bring you to a page that says email confirmed

Main icons
  1. Classes - This will allow you to create your classroom
  2. Library - This will bring you to your library decks.  This will also show you if you have assignments that need human scoring.
  3. Store - this will bring you to all of the Boom cards created by different authors.  If you click on the  Free icon - this will take you to the freebies.
  4. Studio - this will bring you to your main page.  From here, you can:
    1. Edit your profile
    2. Upload images
    3. Create new decks

Create Classroom

  1. Click New Classroom
  2. You will be given a Username and Password
    1. Click in the User Name and change this (this is the username students will type in to get to your Boom Classroom)
    2. Change the password to something easy for the students to type
    3. Click on the  (- minus or + key) to edit your class
    4. Click on Add Many Students
    5. In the List of Students - this is where you can type their student number or FIRST name Last Initial (you can type all names and just separate by a comma)
    6. After you are done adding your students, you will see the image below.  

Assign Assignments

  1. You will need to have at least one deck in your studio to assign
  2. So, let’s go to the Store and Click Go to Free
  3. Find one that you like
  4. Click Add to Cart
  5. Then Add to Library
  6. Click OK
  7. Now go back to the Classes Tab
  8. Click on Assignments
  9. Now you will see the deck to assign
  10. If you check the box - it will assign it to all students
  11. If you just want to assign it to certain students, you will need to go to the individual student account, click on their box, and click assign.  

View Reports

  1. Click on the Classes Icon
  2. Click on the class that you want to select by clicking the plus sign in the blue box of your class
  3. Click on Reports
  4. This will show you each student’s activity on each deck.  The percentage is cumulative.  So if students do the deck three times, it will average out their score.
  5. The Reports are LIVE - meaning you can watch from your account as the students are working

Student Login

  1. URL Boomlearning.com
  2. Students use your username and password (that you’ve created for them)

There's an APP for that!

There's also an APP for easy access!
The app is called Boom Cards, but if you can't find it, you can also search Omega Labs.

1.  Students just click on the app
2.  Sign in with your classroom username and password
3.  Pick their name
4.  Put in their password


Students also earn gems while playing.  "A gem is earned when a student correctly answers a question with no wrong answers. If they answered incorrectly on a previous try, they can still get earn the gem for a card by getting it right on a subsequent play. When the number of gems earned matches the number of cards, a student has mastered the content for the deck.." 

BOOM also says that, "Coins are rewards for persistence and struggle. More coins are awarded for harder questions. Students get bonus coins by logging in frequently and for extra lives left at the end of the deck. Pulses (the lightening bolt) reward overlearning behaviors (the concept that learning past mastery leads to automaticity). A pulse is earned each time a question is answered correctly, even if it has been answered correctly before."

BOOM LEARNING also has tons of information on their site - click here to check out Frequently Asked Questions.

SO... what are you waiting for?

It's a free account up until November 30, 2017 and there are ton of freebies on their site!  Seriously - I don't think you'll be disappointed!  In fact, I'm willing to bet you will FALL IN LOVE with these digital task cards!  Again, try it for free - leave me a message if you have any questions!

How to purchase Boom Cards after you FALL IN LOVE!

1.  You can buy through TPT - just go to the search icon, and type in Boom Decks - you'll find tons!  If you teach K, 1, or 2 - you can check out my decks through TPT as well.  
2.  You can purchase straight from BoomLearning!  Here's a link to my store.  

Here are a few of my Boom Decks!


I even have Boom Cards that go along with Eureka Math (Engage NY) lessons!  Great for making sure your kiddos understand ALL concepts!  Just go to my store and look at the Custom Categories - I have them broken up into my different module products.

Early Finisher PPTS

It all began with a Compass Evaluation... what to do with those early finishers??  Since that revelation, I've continued to make my ppts that help with keeping kiddos engaged and learning while you continue working with the other students.

So, here's how it works!

Once my kiddos finish their problem set and exit ticket, they move to the carpet, get their white board and dry erase marker, and hop into the groove of the ppt on the board.  The ppts are looped, so they can hop in at any time.  They are completely engaged and motivated to get the correct answer.  The powerpoints are self-checking and interactive, and the kids just LOVE them! 

I've since purchased the pocket white boards.  I found them a little flimsy, so I actually put my white boards inside of these so the students can have them on their lap if they choose. 

I've also created a sheet that match the powerpoint that slide right into the plastic pockets, so the students can write their answers down and then check themselves with the self-checking ppt. 
There's also a qr code card that students can scan and the ppt will pop up on their device for them to work on their own (self-checking as well).  So not only can you use for your early finishers, you can also hang the QR code card for students to use during centers.  Some of your kiddos might never make it to the early finisher ppt, so at least you are giving them the opportunity to work on this activity during centers as well.  Believe me... they will want to do them!



I have a ton of math ppts that follow Eureka Math lessons, since that's the curriculum we follow.  These module ppts cover a certain topic from each lesson.  After the students finish their problem set and exit ticket, they grab their work mat, sit on the carpet, and begin writing the answers to the selected ppt.  It's such a life saver!  You can click here to see a list of these ppts.


So, once I started creating math ppts, I figured... well - we could sure use help with certain ELA topics as well.  I think my favorite ones are the GUESS THE WORD ppts - the kids absolutely love the speed of this one!  Totally keeps them engaged! :)

My goal has always been to HAVE FUN in my classroom!  I think these early finisher ppts keep it FUN! 

PD in your PJs

PD in Your PJs

So, this is stepping out of my comfort zone just a bit - but I've started making video tutorials to help teachers.  My first one was with my job, although I created the entire class at home because I was too self-conscience for my co-workers to hear me... I know, I know... But I've finally decided to create more and put them up on TPT to sell.  I'm in several FB groups and the questions are continuous.  So many schools are starting to use GSuite, yet the teachers aren't real comfortable with incorporating this into their classroom.

So the first class I created for you is Google Classroom.  With these tutorials, I will go over everything there is to know about Google Classroom.  But here's the real kicker!  I will update my videos any time Google changes something... and let's just say - they do this often!  Once you are part of the class, I will not kick you out.  You can always come back to rewatch the videos or download the new handout.

For Google Classroom, I will cover:
  1. An overview of Google Classroom
  2. How to invite students and guardians to your class
  3. How to create an assignment and the different options you have with that
  4. How to create questions (multiple choice and short answer) and the different options
  5. How to create announcements
  6. The About Section
  7. Students Commenting
  8. How to grade within Classroom
  9. How to create saved posts and bring to top
  10. Archiving Classes and deleting
If there is something else you need covered about Classroom, you can ask questions through the site, and I will respond as fast as I can! 

My next tutorial will be Google Forms and Quizzes!  That's one of my favorite Google tools! 

Here's the link to my online tutorial through TPT.

Community Helpers/Career Day

Community Helpers/Career Day Craftivity

This little craftivity was a huge success in our classroom - it took a bit of "set up" time, but well worth the final outcome.  Here's a snapshot of one section of our outside wall with student work!  Cute, right?

How to set it up, you ask?

OK - so, because this comes in six different pieces (head, bottom, cover, 3 writing sheets) - we found that the best way to organize was to create a binder with sheet protectors.   We only needed one binder for my entire team - and then we just shared the binder throughout the week.  

We read several different books about community helpers and allowed time for student discussion.  I also sent home as homework that parents talk to their child about some possibilities.  After several days of discussion, it was then time to start the process of our activity.  

Each student has a writing folder, so once they decided on what they wanted to be, I took my handy-dandy binder to the copier, and made copies of what I needed.  I used a sticky note and put it on top of the sheet protector to say how many I needed.  (Example:  all of the "Veterinarian" pieces were in one sheet protector - so if I had 3 kids that wanted to be a Veterinarian - then I had 3 on that sticky, with their names...)  As I copied, (and I actually copied the writing section twice - because they are first graders... and well - I'd rather have an extra copy, than not incase of mistakes.)  Then I wrote their name on the top page and stapled their section together.  We then placed their entire packet into their red writing folder.

Now we were ready to begin!

Your choice what you do first, but...

So, obviously it's your decision on how you guys work, but we did the writing part first!  As we all know, some kiddos are really fast at completing, but some... take their time.  And that's perfect!  All my kids were working at different paces, and it was nice that once they were done, they were able to go straight to the coloring part without my help, since I was still working with students on the writing part.   

This was done in many steps, as not only do they write and color, but then they needed to cut out everything, and then glue.  No matter where they were in the process, we kept everything in our red folder.  Now - to be honest... I had a few students who I KNEW would lose pieces, so for those kiddos, I actually put their items in a zip lock and then in their folder.  


So, If I'm completely honest with you - I'm a bit OCD.  Even though I KNOW I should have let them glue their community helper all by themselves, I just can't seem to allow that to happen.  So, as they finished, they came up to my guided reading table, and we did it together.  I let them put the glue, and start to place the images - but I also helped if it wasn't quite lined up!  I know... I know... but I just can't help it!  Dot Dot Not A Lot - becomes, "Here - let Mrs. Juneau help a little bit!"

Community Helpers

After all of first grade had their Career Day craftivity up in the halls, a kindergarten teacher asked for something a bit different to help with her K curriculum.  So, we changed it up a bit, and made the writing activity fit her needs.  


I have had many requests to add certain careers.  If you happen to purchase, please email me if there is something that you want, but it's not in the packet.  I was lucky - I was the one creating, so if a kiddo wanted to be something that I didn't have - I went home that night and made it.  I don't mind adding to the packets- I just need a few days to get it done. :)  I've tried to add as many boy/girl options as I can, but not all graphics lend themselves to having each.  I WISH I had the talent of drawing like Educlips, but God didn't give me that gift.  ;)


I would love to see photos of these activities if you happen to do this with your class.  You can email a photo to me at scjuneau@yahoo.com.


Here are the links of the products in my TPT store!  
Community Helpers Craftivity    
Career Day Craftivity


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