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End of Day 3- These pics were taken at the end of day three.  It has been a few weeks, and we have not been allowed back into the building.  I was feeling fine... knowing that most of the big things are done.. but now I'm starting to PaNiC just a little bit.  We are usually allowed back into our rooms by now.  But I know it will all get done.

 My sweet daughter, once again, helping her mother!  She's going to
be such a great teacher one day.
 This is front of classroom  - but after someone asked if I could add 10-20 for numbers (TPT), I
decided that I should hang them in my room as well.  So, this pic was taken before that.
 Here's my listening center table that I painted to look like one I found on Pinterest... LOVE LOVE
LOVE it!  Courtney and my mom painted these two canvases for my classroom.  Can't wait to hang these up.
 Library center is close to being finished... almost!

 Word wall - yep, ran out of ribbon and have no idea where c and d went.  Had to reprint and
head to media center to laminate...

 Love the black pocket charts and the Chevron pocket charts that I found at Mardel's, thanks to Pinterest.

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