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Oh Me oh My!

Well, why break tradition?  I have moved classrooms three times in the last three years... I think they must like my painting techniques, so admin is going to keep moving me until I have all the classrooms painted:-)))  

Here's what I'm dealing with as of now.  The gal that is moving out of her room just had a baby, so all of her stuff is in the middle of my new room.  But that didn't stop us from painting.  Her classroom was absolutely precious precious precious, but I felt that the yellow for first graders might be a little bright, so I figured I better stick with my neutral green and just add accents.  

 This is my sweet daughter, Courtney.  She will be a senior this year (H.S.) and guess what she wants to be when she grows up... YEP, a teacher.  
Almost done, Court!  Thanks for helping me!  Love you!

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