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Getting Closer

 This is our birthday chart.  Once students begin, I will take a picture of each student holding their date and then will place under the correct month.
 Tables are still not in... should be in tomorrow.  Keeping my fingers crossed! XXXXX
 This is my library center... XO it!

 This took me forever to decide on.  I wanted students to have jobs, daily and weekly.  Our school is starting Leader In Me, so I knew that having students greet guests and "run" the room would be an important part of this new endeavor.  I have four jobs that will change out on a daily basis.  Line leader, last in line, messenger, and light monitor.  The rest of my jobs will last between one and two weeks, depending on the task at hand. I attached ribbon to the jobs and will make cute little clippers to connect to the ribbon.  
 With not a lot of wall space, this word wall will have to suffice.  My co-worker gave me the idea of hanging down poster board from each letter and then attaching the words with paperclips.  I ended up using ribbon instead of poster board, and love the way it turned out.
 My mother-in-law is making my curtains... can't wait to see them.

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