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So, my parents gave me the guilt trip about visiting them in Arkansas... so I HAD (wink wink) to drive up and spend a relaxing, enjoyable week with the best parents in the word and two of my three children.  We had a great time and while I was there, I pinned at least 50 million ideas for my new first grade classroom.  We also hit estate sales and second hand shops... and boy did I find some goodies.  I bought a filing cabinet, director's chair, ladder (don't ask), a listening center table, and other odds and ends - all for around $60.00. Only one problem... I had to get all of that in my van and drive back seven hours, but we made it!  I've already got two coats of black paint on most items.  I'll post before pics and after pics in a few days.  

 I actually found two of these in our school's graveyard - my daughter is going to paint a saying on each once I finish painting them black.

 So... after many hours of wanting another filing cabinet, knowing I needed one, but not wanting to pay an arm and a leg for one... tada!  I found one for $20.00 (and it is the sturdy kind... not the cheap ones).  I haven't decided if I am just going to paint the whole thing black or maybe paint the front of the drawers my accent colors... decisions, decisions.
 WOOT WOOT!  I wanted a listening center table, and I found one.  YAY!  I saw a cute idea on Pinterest, so my daughter and I will try to do the same with this little beauty.  I can't wait to work on this one.
1/4 of the way done... Yes, I did paint my ladder... everything HAS TO BE color-coordinated.  But here's the one thing that truly came in handy... SPRAY PAINT (where have you been all my life?)  I surely would have brushed all these things, but my husband told me I was CrAzY.  I just love to paint, and never thought anything of it.  But boy, was spray paint easier!

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