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Moving Forward

As I'm always wanting to learn and grow, I've decided to post a few things on TpT (Teachers Pay Teachers) and several things on Teachers Notebook website.  Even though this is a big step for me... I'm going to try it out.   I don't mind giving people my stuff for free, but when I have to worry if others are going to be satisfied because they are paying for it... YIKES... that makes me a little nervous.

Here's my first item for sale.  This is saved in a PDF file and each number will be printed on a full sheet (8 1/2 x 11.)

Teachers Pay Teachers - $1.50 for the set.

This was a fun one to create.  I have always loved the game Boggle, and now I have found a way to incorporate it into my classroom.  I'm going to start off with three rows and three columns to get the students understanding the concept... I've created letter cards using the Chevron design and also created a center sheet for them to fill out as they work on their Boggle words.  I have a magnetic board in the front of my classroom, so I will use that to hang my game - putting magnetic strips on the back of each letter will make it so easy to "shake" up the game.  I've created one in purple and one in blue.

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