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It all began with a Compass Evaluation... what to do with those early finishers??  After the panic subsided, and I started thinking about what my students love to do (without my guidance), the early finisher ppts were born.  Since that revelation, I've continued to make my ppts/slides that help with keeping kiddos engaged and learning while the teacher can continue working with the other students.  I have to be honest, though - it wasn't any easy process to figure that out!  I tried EVERYTHING!  I tried task cards, math games, card games, math worksheets... But no matter what I tried, I was always frustrated by the end, because my students really couldn't do those activities independently or quietly.  My goal was to have something that not only kept them engaged, but kept them sort of quiet so that I could continue working with the students who needed me.
Once my kiddos finish their problem set and exit ticket, they move to the carpet, get their WORK MAT and dry erase marker, and hop into the groove of the ppt on the board.  The ppts are looped, so they can hop in at any time.  They are completely engaged and motivated to get the correct answer.  The powerpoints are self-checking and interactive, and the kids just LOVE them!

There's also a QR code card that students can scan and the Google Slide will pop up on their device for them to work on their own (self checking as well).  So not only can you use for your early finishers, you can also hang the QR code cards for students to use during centers.  Some of your kiddos might never make it to the early finisher activity, so at least you are giving them the opportunity to work on this activity during center time as well.  BELIEVE me... they will want to do them!

I have a ton of math ppts that follow Eureka Math lessons, since that's the curriculum we follow.  These module ppts cover a certain topic from each lesson.  After the students finish their problem set and exit ticket, they grab their work mat, sit on the carpet, and begin writing the answers to the selected ppt.  It's such a life saver!  If you think these are something that you would like to check out, you can go to my store and look at the custom categories.  I have them broken up by module - you will see the early finishers in each module as well as JUST Math Early finishers (which cover a variety of topics, not necessarily related to our curriculum.)  Here's a link to my store.

So, once I started creating math ppts, I figured... well - we could sure use help with certain ELA topics as well.  I think my favorite ones are the GUESS THE WORD ppts - the kids absolutely love the speed of this one!  Totally keeps them engaged! :)  HERE'S A LINK TO MY ELA EARLY FINISHER PPTS.

My goal has always been to HAVE FUN in my classroom!  I think these early finisher ppts keep it FUN!


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