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EEEEKKKKK - I just loved RE-decorating my classroom YEAR after YEAR, and this will be the first second year I don't get to do that.  With my new position, I no longer have a classroom, but the ideas are still flowing!!  I have several friends who are going to let me live vicariously through them, but I'm not sure it will be the same.

I've come to realize that teachers go through a process.  Well, at least I did!

Three weeks before school lets out... I can't wait for summer.
Two weeks - AHHHH CHAOS!!  There's so much I didn't get to do!
One week - Chaos, anxiety, feelings of guilt cause I'm anxious for summer.
5 days... Really I can't believe it's almost over.
4 days... What can I do with them? They're done, and so am I!
3 days... I'm just going to enjoy them and not worry about picking up my classroom.
2 days... What was I thinking?  My principal is giving me two days to pick up this entire classroom, and I want to just sit and read to my kiddos and listen to them talk about the year!  REALLY?!?!
1 day... Oh MY GOSH!!  I can't believe the year went by so fast.
Day zero!!  WOOT WOOT - Cum folders, report cards, things off the floor, CHECK!!!  (not really!)
Day 1 of summer - I'm not thinking about school until JULY!
Week 2 of summer - I'm at the Dollar Store - Hummmm  - how could I use these in my classroom.  Day ? (after the Dollar Store visit) HOLY COW - How am I going to be ready for the next school year?  I only have 45 days... AHHHHHHH!!!!

Well, OK - that might be a little dramatic, but I swear - if people (husband and kids)  knew what was constantly going through my head, they would totally understand why I can't seem to keep one extra thought or memory in my brain. ;)

Anyway... I just had to get that off my chest!  Here's what I really wanted to share - Classroom decor.

As I said earlier, I just love RE-decorating my classroom every year.  I'm one of those teachers who constantly re-arranges, paints, adds, takes away throughout the year.  I actually kept my theme the last two years, and I was shocked with myself.  But I really loved the colors and was able to add things to it throughout the year that made me happy.

If I didn't "have" to work, (As in - I won the LOTTERY!) I think I would be a classroom decorator (FOR FREE)!  I absolutely LOVE making classroom decor!

Classroom Themes

Here are some of the themes I've created!

Most of my themes come with alphabet posters, number posters, word wall, classroom rules, classroom discipline chart, classroom labels, name tags, classroom tents, color posters, shape posters, and a door poster.  If you find a theme you like, but I don't have one of the above items, just email me and I'll create it.

alphabet posters, polka dot print, classroom decor POLKA DOT THEMED

(Turquoise, Pink, Purple, Green)

This is the theme I used for the last two years in first grade.  It was so easy to add things to my classroom with these colors.  This was by far my favorite!


(Green, red, orange, turquoise)









I created this for one of my pre-k friends!  Her room is precious!



I created this for one of my kindergarten friends!  OMG - her room was crazy cute!  She added all kinds of things to her room - burlap backing to her bulletin boards, stuffed animals all around the room, and different jungle themed material to cover her bookshelves.  So stinkin' cute!






Each color has:
Alphabet posters, number posters, classroom rules, discipline chart, color posters, 2d and 3d posters, word wall words with banner, and classroom labels. The word wall and classroom labels also have editable templates for you to add what you want (as long as you have PPT)


I know a lot of people don't believe in overly decorating a classroom - and I get it.  BUT...  I've always said, "Let me do what I want in my room, and you can do what you want in your room.  I will not judge you, but please don't judge me either!"  For me - my classroom was really my first home - I spent more time there, than at my house.  I needed it to be cute for ME - not anyone else.  The students loved our classroom, and so did the parents, but honestly - I needed it to be my happy place. It wasn't cluttered, but it was colorful! :)  

If there's a theme you want, but I haven't created it yet - please don't hesitate to ask!  Seriously - I think out of all the things I have on TPT - classroom decor is my favorite thing to make!  


  1. I could have written this article! I changed bulletin boards w-a-y too often. I enjoyed changing themes often also. I found so many things any the $ store, Target etc to use in the classroom.
    I retired two years ago and miss the excitement of a freshly decorated classroom at the beginning of the year. A fellow teacher visited my home close to Valentine's Day and commented, " You miss your classroom, don't you?" Whoops! Maybe over decorated my home!

    1. HAHAHAHA!!!! That's so funny! This is my third year out - and I can finally go into the Dollar Store and NOT look at the bins! ;) It's a sickness!!!

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