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Community Helpers/Career Day Craftivity

This little craftivity was a huge success in our classroom - it took a bit of "set up" time, but well worth the final outcome.  Here's a snapshot of one section of our outside wall with student work!  Cute, right?

How to set it up, you ask?

OK - so, because this comes in six different pieces (head, bottom, cover, 3 writing sheets) - we found that the best way to organize was to create a binder with sheet protectors.   We only needed one binder for my entire team - and then we just shared the binder throughout the week.  

We read several different books about community helpers and allowed time for student discussion.  I also sent home as homework that parents talk to their child about some possibilities.  After several days of discussion, it was then time to start the process of our activity.  

Each student has a writing folder, so once they decided on what they wanted to be, I took my handy-dandy binder to the copier, and made copies of what I needed.  I used a sticky note and put it on top of the sheet protector to say how many I needed.  (Example:  all of the "Veterinarian" pieces were in one sheet protector - so if I had 3 kids that wanted to be a Veterinarian - then I had 3 on that sticky, with their names...)  As I copied, (and I actually copied the writing section twice - because they are first graders... and well - I'd rather have an extra copy, than not incase of mistakes.)  Then I wrote their name on the top page and stapled their section together.  We then placed their entire packet into their red writing folder.

Now we were ready to begin!

Your choice what you do first, but...

So, obviously it's your decision on how you guys work, but we did the writing part first!  As we all know, some kiddos are really fast at completing, but some... take their time.  And that's perfect!  All my kids were working at different paces, and it was nice that once they were done, they were able to go straight to the coloring part without my help, since I was still working with students on the writing part.   

This was done in many steps, as not only do they write and color, but then they needed to cut out everything, and then glue.  No matter where they were in the process, we kept everything in our red folder.  Now - to be honest... I had a few students who I KNEW would lose pieces, so for those kiddos, I actually put their items in a zip lock and then in their folder.  


So, If I'm completely honest with you - I'm a bit OCD.  Even though I KNOW I should have let them glue their community helper all by themselves, I just can't seem to allow that to happen.  So, as they finished, they came up to my guided reading table, and we did it together.  I let them put the glue, and start to place the images - but I also helped if it wasn't quite lined up!  I know... I know... but I just can't help it!  Dot Dot Not A Lot - becomes, "Here - let Mrs. Juneau help a little bit!"

Community Helpers

After all of first grade had their Career Day craftivity up in the halls, a kindergarten teacher asked for something a bit different to help with her K curriculum.  So, we changed it up a bit, and made the writing activity fit her needs.  


I have had many requests to add certain careers.  If you happen to purchase, please email me if there is something that you want, but it's not in the packet.  I was lucky - I was the one creating, so if a kiddo wanted to be something that I didn't have - I went home that night and made it.  I don't mind adding to the packets- I just need a few days to get it done. :)  I've tried to add as many boy/girl options as I can, but not all graphics lend themselves to having each.  I WISH I had the talent of drawing like Educlips, but God didn't give me that gift.  ;)


I would love to see photos of these activities if you happen to do this with your class.  You can email a photo to me at


Here are the links of the products in my TPT store!  
Community Helpers Craftivity    
Career Day Craftivity


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