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When introducing our weekly words, we play a little baseball game.  
All students have a sheet in front of them with the Elkonin boxes
for each word.  I stand in the front of the classroom (probably looking
silly to anyone passing by our window), and I throw out the 
word like a baseball.  Students can either catch it or hit it.  Once
I shout out the word, then they say it as they catch/hit it.
Next I ask the students how many sounds they hear.  Then
I click on the baseball that the pitcher is holding, and the boxes appear
on our flipchart.  Next I have a student help me with
each sound.  Then they write it on their Elkonin sheet.
These words go home in their binder for the week.
The students love playing the game and it gives us time
to get those wiggles out so we can focus on our words.

I have these products as a bundle or in two week increments.  Each
week has over 50 pages of materials.  
I have over 20 pages of print and go activities,
center activities, home learning activities, word wall words, 
flash card words, assessments,  a powerpoint for each week, and the
flipchart for each week shown above.  

This is the only thing we use for our high frequency words and there is always
 more than enough to get through the week!


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