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This year our parish has adopted the NY Engage math series, and even though our children are learning math in a different way- there are still some things that I know will help them along the way.  One thing is practicing fact families. So, I created a product that gives my kiddos some hands-on practice manipulating the numbers, and hopefully realizing that only certain numbers can be in the "house".  When we do fact families as a group, we always scream if someone (or me) puts a number in the fact family that should not be there. We scream, "STRANGER IN THE HOUSE".  I do it sometimes just because they love screaming in the classroom!

This freebie is used during center time.  The cards are to be printed with the answers on the back for self-checking capabilities.  Once your student places all the numbers in the correct place, they can turn the card over and check their work.  There are two house mats,  so two students can  put the task card in the center of the work mats and they can race to see who can build the two addition sentences and two subtraction sentences first. 

This freebie will be available on February 1st in an Ebook called "Lessons From the Heart".

Click on the picture above to get your 
fact family freebie.

Click here to get Lessons from the Heart EBook.

To give you a sample of another teacher's product in our EBook Lessons from the Heart, Selma Dawani is offering a precious 1st grade Valentine's Day Classify and Categorize product.  This product gives students choice for categorizing their own ideas (teacher gives topic in a heart activity - SUPER CUTE),  as well as the topics below.  There are also several pages where students color the items that go together!  This packet is a great tool for differentiation.  Check it out in the link above.


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  1. Great freebie!! Thank you so much for sharing! We are your newest followers!
    Kelly and Kim’s Kindergarten Kreations

  2. I think it is great that you allow the screaming. I can imaging how much the students enjoy this forbidden noise during this lesson.

  3. Kim and Kelly - Welcome! :) I'm new to the world of blogging and TPT, but thanks for following me!

    Trina - haha! And if you only knew how quiet I like my class, it is truly a treat for them! Although I am getting better with the noise level now that our district uses COMPASS to observe us and our classrooms should be student-led, group-based, and highly interactive with a lot of movement.


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