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SPOT THAT WORD - New totally cool center time activity game that gives the students practice with 57 1st grade sight words.  How did I come up with this game, you ask... WELLLLLL......
To make a long story short - my 21-year-old son started talking about this cool game him and his new wife played with a cousin of hers (called SPOT IT).  As they were explaining the game, the teacher in me, thought... "HUMMMMM - I bet I could change the pictures to words and make it a learning game as well."  Needless to say, hours upon hours, days, upon days later, I realized that this task was going to me much more daunting than I realized and I should probably just give it up.  BUTTTTT - that little voice inside my head kept saying, "Juneau, this would be so cool --the kids will LOVE IT!"  So, I plugged on with excel spreadsheet after excel spreadsheet, until finally I figured out the most efficient way to replicate the game.  PHEWWWWWWW!!!!!!!  I have to give a shout out to our 6th grade math teacher who is the "goddess of Excel" - she gave me a few tips - thanks, McQuade!!

Even though it still takes a while to create, it's so worth it!  The kids love it, like I knew they would.  I wish I could have printed a game for each of them for Christmas - that would have totally rocked, but there was no way that was happening with all of the other things going on. :-(  Maybe an end of the year gift...

Our new "MOST FAVORITE" center time activity - SPOT THAT WORD!
Kids are in pajamas because of our Polar Express activities. SHA hearts!

So, here's the game - let me explain how it actually works:
All the cards are divided among the players, with one card in the middle.  Students turn over their first card and try to match their word with the card in the middle the fastest.  Each card only has one match with the card in the center of the deck.  Whoever can say their word the fastest, puts their card in the center and that becomes the new card to match.  It doesn't matter which card is in the center, there will always be one and only one match for each students' card.  How cool is that?!?  To download a sample game, go to my TPT store and download  (  This sample has 12 cards for you to try out the game.  The full game has 55 cards and 57 words for each set.  Click on the picture below to go to the full set.  I'm not a salesperson, but this game is totally worth the purchase!  
I'm uploading this game now, and it will be half off through New Years day.    


  1. What a great idea! The possibilities are endless :)

    The Math Maniac

  2. What a cool game!! I love your pics of students in action! Karen

  3. Cute game! I found you on the TPT forum. I am following your blog and your FB page! Sherry :)

  4. I bought one of your spot it games on TPT and LOVE it! I was wondering if you did custom orders. My email is jdennis@msd321.

  5. Hi Juli - I sure can. I'll email you with the details.

  6. Hi Juli - I tried to email you, but it says that the email is invalid.

  7. Welcome! I found you in the TPT forum! Stop by & say hi! Wendy 1stgradefireworks

  8. Can't wait to try these activities out. Thanks for sharing!


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