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Words to Know

So, since I dropped back down to first, my first goal was to make printables, flash cards, word wall words, and other items to help my students with our Words to Know.  Need I say, WOW!!!!!!!!  This has been a huge undertaking, but I am so glad that I took it on.  I know that the items are helping my students and helping me monitor them.  

This product has over 515 pages and an explanation of each page as well.  We start our Monday with our flipchart and our Elkonin boxes, then we move to our PPT.  We practice our ppt at least 2 - 3 times a day (usually during transitions).  There are also sheets that go in the students' binders for nightly practice, as well as seat work (assessments), word searches, scrambled words, ABC order, word wall words, flashcards, and differentiated assessments as well.  I know I might be prejudice, but this is definitely a product worth viewing.  I have it priced at $10.00, but it is one sale right now for $8.00.  With over 515 pages, and the amount of time that has been put into this 12 week product, I don't think you will be disapointed.  I will put this on sale for $5.00 for 24 hours some time before Christmas, so check my TPT store often if this looks like something you might want to purchase (or follow me on TPT to get updated of the price cut).

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