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Math Game for Addition Facts

I'm finally getting into the groove of posting products on TPT.  Here are a few of my new items.

This is called Mission Base Station.  It all started back when my 21-year-old was in third grade and his teacher (Mrs. Goudeau) was trying to get her students to learn their multiplication facts.  They played this game daily, and that's all I heard about as a parent... "Mom, I need to learn my threes so I can get to the next planet..."  Sha!  So, I did what any good teacher would do, I stole the idea and did addition and subtraction facts with this game.  The first time I did it, I had so many tears, I almost stopped the entire game.  But the following year, I preceded the game with a set of rules (#1 being you cannot cry or else you lose your turn the next day.)  I know, it sounds harsh, but I would say the same thing if I was a soccer coach, and all the players started crying because they didn't win.  I also got rid of the subtraction facts - I found it was great with 10-5, but trying to have 20 problems of subtraction using 4-1 was just so redundant.  

My daughter created the astronaut clipart - and WOW - she did a phenomenal job.  She created clipart that you can print and use, or you can use your own students pictures, slide them behind the astronaut, print, and cut.  She also created the names of the planets, planets, and stars.  For years I used the planets I purchased from our teacher store, but this year, I'm using Courtney's product.  Even though it is not scaled to size - It's SOOOO CUTE!


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