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Spot that Word

Are you wanting to build word fluency? This word game is not only fun and engaging, it is also a quick and easy way for students to build word recognition. Each student gets a card and tries to find their one match with the center deck. Try it with the picture! :)))) How quick are you? My students could beat me almost EVERY TIME!


Have you ever felt like you hit the JACKPOT with a classroom center?  The kids love it, and they are learning at the same time!  How COOL is that?

Well, when I figured out how to make our Spot That Word Games, that's how I felt, and it's still just as popular now as it was last year.

I've videoed a group of students playing the game to show how it works.  Keep in mind, this is during extended time, and the noise level is much louder than during my regular centers, and these are not my students.  :)

I have 20 Spot that Word games in my store.  You can check them out by clicking here.

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