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$15 Frenzy is BACK at Educents!

From Monday, September 21 - Sunday, September 28, 2014, Educents is bringing back the ever-popular $15 Frenzy! Here's your chance to get 15 different curriculum bundles for less than $15 each! Some incredibly talented teachers have come together to bring you Science, Reading, Language Arts, Interactive Notebooks, Planners, Math Centers, Social Studies Units, Reading Comprehension Units, Clip-art & more! You're sure to find something during this amazing sale! Here's just a sample of the awesome curriculum and activity packs that are on the site!

Science, Weather and Geology Lessons for 2nd/3rd Grade - 40% OFF

Reading & Language Arts Interactive Notebooks - 40% OFF

Business/Personal Planner with Editable Pages - 50% OFF

2nd Grade Math Centers - 61% OFF

America's Past & Present Social Studies Unit - 75% OFF

Greek Myths, Fables & Fairy Tales Curriculum - 57% OFF

Guided Reading Curriculum Bundle - 56% OFF

Kindergarten Literacy & Math Curriculum - 58% OFF

Alphabet Madness Activities - 46% OFF

Primary Social Studies Activities & Curriculum - 47% OFF

Early Childhood Clipart- 43% OFF

1st & 2nd Grade Arts Integration Curriculum - 57% OFF

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