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1-2 Summer Learning Fun with EDUCENTS

Kids love summer, teachers love summer, parents love summer!  The only problem with summer is that our kiddos usually don't do a whole lot of school-related activities to keep them thinking.

I've teamed up with a bunch of awesome teachers and Educents to provide you with some summer activities for your kiddos.  

The products include printables, centers, games, and much more for your finishing first and second graders!  It makes learning fun with bubble gum, oceans, QR codes, flip flap books, and more!  It's a mixture of reading, math, and science to keep the kids working hard through the summer and to get them ready for second and third grade!

My product included will surely be loved by your students!  I created a 100+ page math product
that will help first graders remember what they were taught throughout first grade.  There are four different booklets.  The 1st booklet covers operations and algebraic thinking, the 2nd booklet covers number and operations in base ten, the 3rd booklet covers measurement and data, and the 4th booklet covers geometry.

Other teacher products
that are included in
this packet!


For a limited time it is $14.99 from Educents which is about 75% off!  
14 instant downloads with over 540 pages of materials perfect for your finishing first and second graders!

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