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PD in your PJs

PD in Your PJs

So, this is stepping out of my comfort zone just a bit - but I've started making video tutorials to help teachers.  My first one was with my job, although I created the entire class at home because I was too self-conscience for my co-workers to hear me... I know, I know... But I've finally decided to create more and put them up on TPT to sell.  I'm in several FB groups and the questions are continuous.  So many schools are starting to use GSuite, yet the teachers aren't real comfortable with incorporating this into their classroom.

So the first class I created for you is Google Classroom.  With these tutorials, I will go over everything there is to know about Google Classroom.  But here's the real kicker!  I will update my videos any time Google changes something... and let's just say - they do this often!  Once you are part of the class, I will not kick you out.  You can always come back to rewatch the videos or download the new handout.

For Google Classroom, I will cover:
  1. An overview of Google Classroom
  2. How to invite students and guardians to your class
  3. How to create an assignment and the different options you have with that
  4. How to create questions (multiple choice and short answer) and the different options
  5. How to create announcements
  6. The About Section
  7. Students Commenting
  8. How to grade within Classroom
  9. How to create saved posts and bring to top
  10. Archiving Classes and deleting
If there is something else you need covered about Classroom, you can ask questions through the site, and I will respond as fast as I can! 

My next tutorial will be Google Forms and Quizzes!  That's one of my favorite Google tools! 

Here's the link to my online tutorial through TPT.

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